Timeline: 1978

If anyone needs additional evidence that America in the 197os was as close the good ‘ol US of A will ever get to the Wild West ever again, I admit Exhibit A: the flugelhorn.

A whatahorn? A FLUGELHORN! A flugelhorn is basically a valve bugle except its all twisted like a pretzel. I don’t really know anything about musical instruments, but in early 1978 if you wanted to win friends and influence people, breaking out your flugelhorn and slipping into the jazz stylings of Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good” may just have worked.

And it did feel good. Oh. Oh. Oh. So good. Recorded in 1977, the original version was over ten minutes long. It was cut to just over three for the radio and released as a single, shooting up the Billboard Hot 100 chart to #4, and #1 on the easy listening chart. This song was so ubiquitous, I remember it would even play in my dreams.

Okay, so follow me here. For no particular reason at all, every time I hear “Feels So Good” it makes me think of HBO’s documentary series hosted by Dick Cavett: Time Was… but we’ll wait until next week to flashback to that.

Without further delay, Chuck Mangione’s world wide smash hit, “Feels So Good”. CLICK ME BABY!