Knights from the 1970s

Timeline: 1974

Founded in 1876, Metallwarenfabrik, a German lock and metal fitting company, evolved over the subsequent decades until it struck toy gold in the Year of Funkiness, 1974, with the introduction of Playmboil.

To the casual onlooker, Playmobil is perhaps just another children’s toy with too many pieces, but to Little Monsters everywhere in the 1970s, Playmobil ruled. After a lackluster launch at a Nuremberg toy fair, Playmobil went on to become an international best seller (my personal favorite pictured above) and, in my mind, had a brilliant unchallenged four year reign until it was knocked off its throne by George Lucas in 1977.

Despite living in an ever expanding electronic world, Playmobil is still a world wide toy tour de force. And it all started in the 1970s.