Serendipity surfaced this week in the form of a hokey 6th grade graduation poem written by the parent of a former classmate of the Little Monsters. Even though the Little Monsters departed this particular Lutheran Day school a year early (at the end of 5th grade) we are still mentioned since we were there K-5. Here are my Final Four memories of that time period:

  1. Poor Pastor Wolf. I slept through every one of his chapel services except during “Go Tell it on the Mountain”.┬áThis was the last school I attended where “Religion” was a subject. To this day, I still cannot define “Lutheran” beyond “something Protestant.”
  2. I will always remember this school as the birthplace, right or wrong, of Chocolate Milk Day. Therefore, in the Land of Philip, it is a historic landmark.
  3. I still feel sorry for the teachers who had to constantly run down Silas Creek Parkway to chase down kick balls after they sailed over the fence. Many times, we did it on purpose.
  4. My first “girlfriend” Chrissy! I couldn’t shut up when I met her, then the moment we started “going together” I couldn’t think of anything to say (my wife is wondering how she missed this Golden Age) and it ended badly. Wherever you are Chrissy, I still love you.

It’s one thing when you’re just going about your business and bursts of nostalgia laced memories leak into your head. It’s quite another to have them typed out as a 5 page poem during the actual time period they occurred and for it to be discovered 20 years later.

Surreal (which is my favorite kind of real).